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Stars of Coloring

Creativity Endures

It was such a treat to connect with Collette. This New Zealand artist is a positive, fun, intelligent, strong woman with passion for fine art and a unique vision for a coloring book.

Collette sold her first watercolor painting at age eleven. As a professional artist she opened her own art gallery, until she realized it was taking away from her personal work. She made the choice to concentrate on selling her paintings internationally.

Then Collette was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was unable to paint while recovering. But Collette’s passion for creating burned on, and she found the coloring book community. Now she his hooked.

“I enjoy drawing and creating the images as much as people enjoy coloring them and I’m grateful for the feedback I receive. Bless you all!”

Her first book was The Dress Book: Adult Colouring Book (Collette’s Dresses) (Volume 1) Three books later, she has created Chardonnay Minx – an incredibly fun book to color.

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The influence of Picasso was the first thing that struck me. The bold angular lines, the playful approach to a Cubist style, is nothing short of a brilliant approach to a coloring book.

Teeny Tiny Art History Lesson….
Instead of depicting objects from a single viewpoint, the Cubist depicts the subject from a multitude of viewpoints. This style was pioneered by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso in the early 1900’s.

Fascinating art history influences aside, Chardonnay Mix also has a charismatic lead character. I asked Collette where Chardonnay Minx was born:

“Chardonnay was inspired by a friend who was told it was bad to have more then one drink – and she was called names for it. The character was created as a tongue-in-cheek empowerment for a women to be able to live her life as she pleases and not be judged unfairly.”

Chardonnay Minx

Collette has has two new books in the works: A third Dress Book in the dress series and a brand new Chardonnay Minx Book.