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Chardonnay Minx by Collette Renee Fergus

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Picasso Meets Ladies’ Night

Love the Picasso inspired art and awesome detail – this book delivers lots of fun and plenty of glam in this party-in-a-book.

“A fun loving, wine swilling party girl themed coloring book unlike any other! This is a unique collection of 27 tongue in cheek humorous coloring pages about a girl called Chardonnay, her friend Merlot and silly wine drinking situations like in the office, at the wine cooler and on a trapeze! She’s a little glam and little bit silly but boy is she fun to color!”




  1. Kim Kim

    Love this book

  2. Tammy Winkle Tammy Winkle

    This is an excellent book with fun images to color. Collette Fergus is an amazing and talented Artist with a twist all of her own.

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