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Dreaming in Grayscale

Grayscale Dreams – Nicole Stocker


Do you dream in color, or grayscale?

Or grayscale, then dream of coloring it . . . Um . . . where was I going with this?

Oh yeah, this week in the ‘Coloring Stars’ post I am writing about a grayscale book.

Nicole Stocker has a passion for black and white photography that has resulted in two lovely books that will make grayscale enthusiasts very, very happy.

As a young girl, Nicole grew up seeing a beautiful black and white photograph in her parents cabin, and she felt the need to color it. She must have reasoned, well, I can color my coloring books, why not that?

While I am not sure her parents ever let her go to town with crayolas on that fine art print, she seemed to remember it for a long time. All grown up with two children, Nicole became a coloring enthusiast and developed two coloring books full of carefully selected photographs. Now she can ‘bring then to life with color’ as she always wanted to do as a child – and no one can stop her now!

And she is not the only fan. A total of 70 reviews have given this book 4.6 stars.

One customer said: “My pencils have a a veritable love affair with the pictures. This book contains the most interesting grayscale nature photographs just ripe to be brought to life – everything from succulents along with sea & landscapes to mountains & flowers – something for everyone.”

Colorist A.R wrote: “My pencils have a a veritable love affair with the pictures…everything from succulents along with sea & landscapes to mountains & flowers.”


I was impressed with the elegance of the photos. (Love the Mario Mushrooms!) The quality right up there, they are printed on 100lb paper, printed one-sided and perforated. See videos below for a preview.

Go Gray!



Tap to view book

Tap to view book


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