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More than a Sketchbook

Bennett Klein: Colour My Sketchbook

Bennett Klein is one of the Coloring Book Artists I have admired from the start. Yes he is an amazing talent, but he is more than that.

He puts his vision to paper without conforming to anyone else, and his designs surprise the viewer with originality and beauty.

I love what the colorists can do with his work – Kim Mazyck (shown in the image above) has does particularly interesting things with Klein’s work.




  1. Kaytrina Lucas Kaytrina Lucas

    Wow Bennett you are so incredibly talented. I’m so blessed to own all of your books from CMSB #1 – #4 and four copies of CMSB DARK! ♡hugs♡

    • admin admin

      Yay!!! A true Bennett fan!

      I happen to be one too – he is just fantastic!

      Thank you so much for your comment – happy coloring! 😀

  2. Yolanda Guzman Yolanda Guzman

    Wow they are so beautiful and gorgeous. Love them all.

    • admin admin

      Thank you for your lovely comment!

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